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Apostolic Lutheran Church
Live Broadcast


To listen to the live broadcast of our current service, click the icon below:


Some Android devices will need to install VLC Player from the Google Play Store by selecting the icon below. Once installed, you can click the above link and use the VLC Player to listen to the service

Those having trouble with Windows Media Player® can also click here.


Other Listening Options:

Listening Option 1 - For those able to call in, dial 603-899-7484, press 1, then enter the meeting ID 54522567 followed by #. Muting is automatic, so there is NO need to mute your phone with this new system. If this is a toll call for you, please use "Listening Option 2".

Listening Option 2 - Call the phone patch request at 781-817-3003 and verbally speak your phone number. The church will call you back and connect you into the service. This option also supports text messaging.

PLEASE NOTE: If ever needed, this information is recorded on the phone patch request greeting message.

If you are ever disconnected from the service, please use "Listening Option 2" and we will call you back. If you are listening on the conference system or internet and it disconnects or have any other problems to report, please call 781-817-3003 and leave a voice message after the beep, stating your issue. You can also send text messages to this number.

After each service, all sermons are saved on our church website under the "Archived Sermons" tab for future listening.



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